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Community description:For always the dullness of the fool is the whetstone of the wits...
This community is for Pagans who want to snark or post quoted snarks about almost anything. What we post here is snarkiness that you would find on other communities, elists, blogs, chat rooms, message boards, personal email, and even offline "real world" activities. Please note that while your post does not have to necessarily cut to the quick your post should contain sarcasm, not just bitching about something. If there is no sarcasm in your post you should expect at least one other member to complain about the lack of snark. If you just want to bitch about something go somewhere else, perhaps your own personal blog.

Yes we have some.

DO NOT come here in hopes of gathering troops for a "Witch War", to start a pissing contest, or just to start a flame fest here. If you have a legitimate beef with someone I suggest you take it to Witch_Wars2 (Yahoo!Group). To clarify, this means you can't post asking for people to come gang up and trounce on someone somewhere else, you're perfectly welcome and encouraged to point and laugh though. Which is to say, that yes, you *can* link to what you're in reference to here.

DO NOT repost entire posts from elsewhere, use a link or paraphrase.

DO NOT make non pagan related political posts. This means you can snark about Starhawk or other BNP's who make political statements about pagans in general but you can't snark about non pagan politicians or non pagan specific politics.

This community is Members Only. You have to join to read the posts and make comments. Posts to the community are auto locked to members only, DO NOT edit them to unlock them.

If you get booted and wish a reconsideration contact the HBIC for an appeal.

HBIC:[personal profile] wolfrose

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